Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Crazy Keith's Corner: He's Everywhere!

So last week when I said I would be missing a lot of Keith I didn't realize the man wouldn't be in the booth for the series against the Brew Crew. However, that didn't stop him from making his presence known in my life.

I grabbed some last-minute tix for Friday night's game. It was my first time at Shea this season, and I about choked on the thin upper deck air when the first call to the bullpen was sponsored by Just For Men, with Keith's mug displayed on the left field scoreboard. And then the answer to the triva question was Keith. Writing this blog about Mex is getting a bit weird.

Other notes from the past week:
--Friday night's game was the first time my visiting-from-Virgina (and former co-Utica resident) Natalie had ever been to Shea, and she got to see a Mets triumph. Last night's game was the first baseball game ever for my Brooklyn-bred-and-recent-reconvert-to-the-borough friend Vanessa, and she got an early season classic. Since I was responsible for someone's first baseball memory, I decided to splurge for some field level seats...and they came with waiter service. I don't think I'll ever say this again: "I'll have two Budweisers, and the Blue and Orange cookie." And f the "Amazing Fan" photos--I'll never pay 20 bucks for a souviner. I just clicked printscreen and made a copy that we both can have on our computers.

--My friend Brian scored some freebies for tomorrow night's game, and with Thursday a daytime affair, this week there will only be a Keith report filed based upon tonight's game. The Subway Series affairs are too much for me to blog about in any form. Last year the first game of the series I just about had a meltdown...and that was when they were in a rain delay. (Let's place the blame on my own emotional shortcomings and watching it while seething over a new couple.) And since Saturday's game is on FOX and Sunday's is on ESPN, it seems like a perfect chance to spend some time with Howie Rose and Tom McCarthy.

--Lastly, check out my pals at Faith and Fear in Flushing for a preview of the Zisk # 14 cover. I swear, it'll be out by June 1st, holiday weekend be damned.

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