Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Crazy Keith's Corner: A Man of the People

Even our hero couldn't keep this Cubs blowout interesting. After Scott Schoeneweis grooved a ball to Aramis Ramirez, I flipped on the VCR and caught up with last night's 24 as it seemed Keith was not is his usually wacky mode. Still, he did do a Lenny Dykstra impression; he talked about his weakness in geometry when Jose Reyes, David Wright and Endy Chavez former a triangle converging on a pop up; and that the signing he, Gary, Ron and Lee Mazilli are doing at the SNY studios Friday at 11:30 will be getting him out of bed early. Upon hearing that, Gary couldn't resist:

Gary: "You're a man of the people."
Keith: "Oh yeah, I always have been. (laughs from Gary and Ron) I'm a real blue collar guy."

In other news, congrats to Matt Cerrone from Metsblog for scoring some air time with Kevin Burkhardt and getting some kudos (and a mention an inning later) from Gary. My question is this--does this mean Mets blogging has reached the tipping point? Will the old school media start co-opting the ideas the bloggers unleash? I'd be interested to hear any thoughts folks have in the comments.

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Anonymous said...

By the time the game got going after the rain delay Wednesday night, I kept zoning in and out, and was marginally aware that the booth had a really silly, giddy vibe. Three tired, hungry, oxygen-deprived guys pretty much just babbling. ;)

They talked a lot about the weirdness of post-rain delay play, and the different atmosphere brought by a few, big-mouthed, die-hard fans in the stands. Ron remembered, "You can see who's yelling at you! So I was like, 'I'm trying, you know!? Give me a second!'"

The camera went on the booth when Ron was expounding on some point, and Keith, on his left, was visibly giggling.

When Ron got through, said a bit reproachfully, "Why are you laughing? Is my analysis wrong?" That cracked me up for starters.

Keith said no, that Bill Webb was "in his ear" needling him about his pretzel. With that, Keith picked up and displayed a half-eaten loop of ballpark pretzel. Showing he still has a grasp on geometry and the alphabet, he rotated it and said, "See, it can be a C, or a U."

It reminded me of "What do you make of this?" from "Airplane" --"It's a brooch-- or a pterodactyl!"

At the stroke of midnight, Gary howled. Keith said "I'm worried about you. You're losing it."

Pot and Kettle, Keith. Pot and Kettle. ;)