Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Crazy Keith's Corner: Welcome Back Matey!

Keith Hernandez stepped back in the booth last night after a weekend off for his youngest daughter's college graduation. The time off didn't do his voice any good, as he spent much of the time coughing and sounding as though he still hadn't finished puberty. A Giants blowout kept Keith from really going off the rails, but being back in his old hometown of San Francisco made Mex a bit nostalgic. At one point he said to Gary Cohen, "I guess the San Franciscan is coming out of me," to which Gary replied, "Out of every pore."

Other highlights from the first game of the Giants series:

--When director Bill Webb caught a boat of revelers in McCovey Cove holding up a bottle of champagne (I think it was) to the camera, Keith put on his best pirate voice and intoned, "Oh that's perfect, ahoy there matey!"

--Speaking of Willie McCovey, Keith said that in between innings he was going to go down to the luxury box to his right where the Giants Hall of Famer sat and say "I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy."

--Keith criticized Benji Molina's catching during one half-inning, so during the next half-inning the SNY crew did a comparison of Molina and Paul LoDuca blocking balls.
Keith: "Molina doesn't move as well; he's a little more slothful."
Gary: (Laughs) "That's a great word; you win [the word contest they were having after midnight."

--And just before the game started, SNY ran a piece with Kevin Burkhardt riding the 7 train to Shea with rookie phenom Joe Smith. Gary asked Keith if he had ever ridden the 7 train to a game, which he had a couple of times. When Gary followed that up by asking if he was recognized more than Joe Smith was, Keith chuckled and said, "With a name like Joe Smith, who's gonna pay attention to him?"

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