Thursday, May 17, 2007

Three is a Messy Number

Our frequent Zisk commentator Theresa noted how the guys in the booth last night discussed how weird post rain delay games can be:

"They talked a lot about the weirdness of post-rain delay play, and the different atmosphere brought by a few, big-mouthed, die-hard fans in the stands. Ron remembered, "You can see who's yelling at you! So I was like, 'I'm trying, you know!? Give me a second!'"

As someone who made it through the three-hour delay last night, I can vouch for the amazing amount of heckling that started once the Mets took the lead. Variations of "Yankees Suck! Jeter Swallows" were common as was making fun of the two idiots wearing Yankee shirts amongst the crowd of 2500 hundred or so die hard Mets fans. Two guys ragged on Cubs third baseman Aramis Ramírez the entire game with every insult in the book and more, and there was no way he couldn't hear exactly what they were saying.

Besides the three hour rain delay, everything was coming up threes last night:

--This was my third game in six days.

--My friend Brian scored tickets on the third base line

--Only three of us stayed until the game started

--Before leaving the guy who ended up splitting, Dave S., let out three antibiotic-powered farts that almost killed us...even though we were outside.

--It was the third time Damion Easley hit a home run at a game I attended this season.

--And I got home exactly at 3 a.m.

Does anyone think they'll actually get all three Subway Series games in this weekend?


Anonymous said...

Re Thursday night: I am still dying to know what it was that Soriano had stuck to his face. He had two little stickers or labels under his eyes where the eyeblack goes. They were black with a white text or logo on them. Anyone know what it said? "Hail Satan"? "Don't hurt me, Lou"?

Anonymous said...

Friday Night, first game of the Subway Series, and a fond temporary farewell to the Keith, Ron and Gary show.

Ron did pretty well for himself-- for about six innings, he had the undisputable Line Of The Game:
"I'm thinking . . . if Andy Pettite went to Houston to be close to his family, does that mean he came back to New York to get away from his family?"

But Keith and Gary came back strong. First there was the revelation of Keith's latest array of toys in the booth. He had lined up in front of him a little plush Aflac duck, a bobble-head doll I couldn't identify, and a little football player.

In an earlier game, Keith expressed his loathing for cotton candy, especially the blue stuff. So it seems that Bill Webb, every chance he gets, sticks in a shot of some kid engulfed in blue clouds of it. Last night, there were two tow-headed, blue-mouthed little angels working on a small blue mountain of cotton candy.

"Isn't it great to be young?" Keith starts one of his digressions. "You can eat whatever you want. You don't have to work--- "

-- Interrupted by gales of laughter from Gary and Ron. Gary demands "And how, exactly, has anything changed?" Camera on the booth, Ron and Gary are wiping their eyes.

Gary is on the attack, and doesn't let up! "Well, your mother cooked your meals for you, and now your wife does."

"I make my bed-- I've always made my bed," Keith retorts. "I don't vacuum, though."

Don't worry, Keith, I never thought you did.

Figgsrock2 said...

I heard that Andy Pettite comment before I left my office last night, and I actually spit out some of my Diet Coke on my desk.

By the way, if Ron decides to just go for radio, he's got a future in that as well. Listened to him this morning on the FAN and he makes a fantastic sports talk host; he even chimed in a bit about the Nets. He's come a long way from that rough nationals analyst I heard over 2 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Back in the old days, I loved Tim McCarver and Ralph Kiner doing the Mets games. People used to complain about Tim talking too much-- and he talked a lot-- but you knew what all the pitches were. In the meantime, you learned about old pop music, Bob Gibson, triskadecaphobia and El Nino, too. ;)

But the national broadcast has made Tim boring! ZzzZzZzzzz.

Maybe I'm just spoiled now if I don't have kind of lunatic-savant doing my ballgames. ;)

Ralph was great too.

I remember in the mid-80s days, they once had Judy Tenuta in the booth-- the comedian with the accordian. She came with her own vocabulary. Sid Fernandez was a "big ol' love hog," and so forth. It was a scream. And the effect lasted.

One day they were playing the cubs, I think, and Don Zimmer came out of the dugout and went to the mound. "And here comes that crazy love god, Don Zimmer," says Ralph. Don Zimmer, I tell you!!

You'll never hear that kind of thing on a national broadcast.