Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Crazy Keith's Corner: It's Labor Allright

"He's in labor here." --Keith on Jorge Sosa in the bottom of the the third.

Oh yeah, Sosa was laboring (and screwing up my fantasy team since I needed a pitcher to replace my 4 pitchers went on the DL the past 10 days). It wasn't pretty. I got so disgusted with this 5th loss in 7th games to the f-ing Braves that I forgot to take notes. Only two Keith comments stuck in my brain:

--At one point Ron Darling brought up the story of Albert Belle taking out Fernando Vina at second base, Keith recalled when he tried to do that in 1988 to a second baseman and ended up hurting his leg. When he returned, Keith said, "I lost four steps of my blazing speed."

--And just like me, Keith didn't want to focus on the task at hand once we reached the top of the 5th inning. Gary read the AFLAC trivia question, which asked who holds the Mets single season strikeout record...
Keith: "Well, it used to be Barry Bonds."
Gary: "Um, it's the Mets record."
Keith: "Oh, I'm not paying attention."

Dammit, they better win these next two at Turner field.

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Anonymous said...

Last two games were so ugly, I wanted to claw my eyes out.

ANNYHOO, Ron Darling is getting a bit sharp-tongued! I have to admit, I get a bit lulled by his usual low-key manner, so when he comes out with one, I get caught off guard. He's getting to be a spit-take waiting to happen.

A few games ago, the camera showed Howard Johnson, and the obligatory ragging began. Gary wondered whether Hojo was ready to start pitching batting practice after a recent injury (what was he doing?) Ron said in a diagnostic tone, "No, he's not mentally or physically prepared."

Same game, the camera showed the press box, with the writers all bundled up behind their screen. Ron said "Awww, they're cowd!" You could almost hear Gary spitting himself-- "Harsh!" he exclaimed, laughing.

Then last night, Andruw Jones was out of position for a bloop single by Beltran (not that it mattered in the long run), and Dr. Ron again had the diagnosis. "You call that Andruw-phobia-- the fear of catching everything."

BTW, Willie Randolph in today's Times-- The new Doctor of Humane Letters was asked what to expect in the Braves series, and he said "Intense, violent, edge-of-your seat action."

Everyone's a comedian!