Friday, May 04, 2007

Crazy Keith's Corner: The Things You Miss With Work and Headaches

So I missed the last two games (Wednesday we didn't have the sound up at work; last night I had a killer headache so I fell asleep listening to the FAN and had no idea if Keith was even on), which seems to be a trend in this month of May. Fortunately for me and Zisk readers everywhere, frequent commenter Theresa did catch Wednesday afternoon's contest with the Marlins, so I thought I would repost her comments in its own entry:

"Hey, did you see the get-away game Wednesday afternoon? Keith got all literary.

It came up because one of the Mets organizations' Good Works is supporting literacy, and sponsoring school reading groups. One of them was out in force at the game Wednesday, and Kevin Burkhart briefly spoke to the head of the program, a nice lady, classic school teacher, looked just like my Mom. ;)

Gary mentioned that with other goodies, the kids were getting an abridged version of "The Three Musketeers," and Keith perked right up. "Who are your favorite classic authors, Gary?" he demanded.

Gary said he preferred Kurt Vonnegut, and his favorite was "Slaughterhouse Five." Keith extolled Victor Hugo, and stipulated that his favorite was not "Les Miserables," but "Notre Dame de Paris" (the one known in English as "The Hunchback of Notre Dame"), and "Toilers of the Sea."

I wonder now if he read them in French. :P

The title of "Toilers" in French is "Les Travailleurs de la mer," harder to pronounce than "Notre Dame." Ron Darling could do it, though. :P

Keith went on to say that Kurt Vonnegut was his neighbor in Turtle Bay when he still lived in Manhattan, that saw him often and "chatted him up." Vonnegut was a "huge baseball fan."

Gosh, I wonder what those conversations could have been like?"

I agree totally--I would give anything to be a fly on the wall for that. And thanks again Theresa--please shoot me an email at the address on the top right sometime so I can add you to our mailing list.

Tonight's and Sunday's games will be summarized on Sunday night--Saturday's game will be lost due to the Derby Day festivities at the bar.

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Anonymous said...

The Yanks got Clemens again!!??!!

To quote a net sage: OMGWTFBBQ!!1!!

Oh yeah, the Yanks fans are happy about it. But I ask you, what about the massive cooties this man carries around with him wherever he goes? What about the rest of us!!??

Believe me, people, this city has barely recovered from the cooties we got from "Rocket" last time-- not to mention Randy Johnson. Science has still not produced a cootie shot big enough for that kind of cooties.