Saturday, July 02, 2005

7/1 - Mets 7, Marlins 6

Last night, en route to Syracuse for a wedding, we tried valiantly to keep the Mets game tuned in on the car radio. Reception was intermitent, cutting back and forth between the Mets game and a soft rock station. To make matters more interesting, it was a see-saw contest, one of those games where neither team seemed particularly interested in winning. As it turns out, we were able to hear the game only when the Marlins were doing well. Whenever the Mets were rolling the ballgame would cut out and we'd be treated to a Leo Sayer song. ("Glavine looks in for the sign. Here's the 0-2 delivery...You make me feel like dancing/Gonna dance the night away!") Fortunately, the Mets' offense had plenty of gas in the tank, breaking a 6-6 tie in the eighth inning when Chris Woodward, the team's only .300+ hitter, drove in Marlon Anderson. Braden Looper made things interesting in the top of the ninth, giving up a leadoff double, but then closed things out for his 17th save (in 20 attempts).

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Anonymous said...

What? You came to my hometown and didn't tell me? for shame! sure, you've got friends and family here, but what is more important - family or mindless baseball banter with bort?

mike, are we going to attempt to see a sky chiefs game this summer?