Monday, July 11, 2005

Sweet Relief

Pedro bails out the Metropolitans once more and the All-Star Break is upon us. Time for more "check-in" fun...

Q: Who can take three of four from their division leader and then drop two of three to Triple-A Pittsburgh?
A: The Mets!*

Q: Who gave the Pirates Jack Wilson 20% of his RBIs on one swing?
A: The Mets!

Q: Whose second best pitcher is Victor Zambrano?
A: The Mets!**

Q: Who continues to start Kaz Ishii (2-8, 5.57) over Aaron Heilman (3-3, 4.63)?
A: The Mets***

*Though, I must admit to admiring the Mets for clutching to the .500 mark with such bulldog tenacity.
**Just ahead of Kris Benson, 3.58 to 3.65.
***And before you go spouting off about how Kaz has been more valuable despite the higher ERA because he's thrown a lot more innings, you should note that he's only pitched six more innings than Heilman, (74-68).

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