Sunday, July 31, 2005

7/31 - Mets 9, Astros 4

So Kaz Ishii is just as stomach-acid-inducing as ever and goes only four innings, yet the Mets still win? Huh? Every starter got a hit, Carlos Beltran has his best game in his old ballpark--and I somehow got through an entire game with Keith "Mr. Obvious" Hernandez behind the mic. Amazing.

And as I predicted, the Manny Ramirez trade didn't happen. Unfortunately all I heard today from Buster Olney and Steve Phillips on the special "Trade Deadline" edition of ESPN's Baseball Tonight is that the Mets fanbase will be pissed that no trades were made after being teased by thoughts of Manny or Alfonso Soriano. Guess what guys? Not all of us are pissed. I know I'm not the only person that is pleased that Omar Minaya didn't give up all the organization's best young talent for someone who undoubtedly woul have hit some home runs, but probably would have brought more negative baggage to the team than is needed. Manny is a perfect fit in Boston, and I hope he and David Ortiz lead them to another championship just so George Steinbrenner will keel over and die in anger.

In a final note, I must send my congratulations to Peter Gammons on his well-deserved induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame, and for giving one of the most well-thought out speeches I have ever seen.

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Brushback said...

I thought Tom Seaver was "Mr. Obvious"? Wait, maybe he's "Captain Obvious"...