Tuesday, July 05, 2005

7/4 - Mets 5, Nationals 2

Willie Randolph is still tinkering with his lineup, trying to find the right combo that will consistantly deliver. Now it's hard to think of Mike Cameron as a leadoff man with his penchant to strike out, but at least he gets a walk once in a while. Carlos Beltran has never looked totally comfortable in the three hole, and being a number-two hitter worked for the Astros last post-season. And Jose Reyes, well, he's just not good enough to be a leadoff hitter yet, so why not try him further down in the lineup?

So Randolph tried all of the above, and shockingly every change worked. They above mentioned trio of hitters delivered five hits, drove in four runs and scored three when the Mets scored five unanswered runs against the Nationals (or as Keith Hernandez repeatedly said, "Senators") bullpen from the 7th inning on.

As much as I've been a half-hearted supporter of Reyes, Mark Simon of ESPN's Baseball Tonight Extra and the excellent Mets Walkoffs site discovered a great stat about the shortstop's aggressiveness paying off:

The Mets are ...
13-6 in games when Reyes steals a base
6-1 in games when Reyes triples
24-11 in games when Reyes scores a run
8-1 in games when Reyes scores 2+ runs

Very interesting...

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