Thursday, July 07, 2005

7/7 - Mets 3, Nationals 2 (11 Innings)

I don't think I can accurately depict how surprised I was that the Mets won this game after the incredibly stupid baserunning blunders by Mike Piazza and Cliff Floyd resulted in an inning ending double play in the top of the 11th, instead of runners on the corners with one out. (Even though replays seemed to show that Floyd was safe, it still was stupid to dash for home after Piazza was tagged out at second.) Somehow this team took three out of four from the division leaders, but with the way the season is going, I expect a sweep by the Pirates before the All-Star break.

I'm not sure anyone will be able to figure out this team before the trading deadline, but I do have that deja vu feeling that the front office will give up some quality young players for some worthless veterans trying to make a run for the wildcard. It was stupid last year, it would be even stupider this year. Let's hope Omar Minaya comes to his senses and realizes that 2006 is the year to shoot for a playoff spot, not this year.

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