Wednesday, July 20, 2005

7/19 - Mets 3, Padres 1 (11 innings)

I missed this game because I was attending (and performing at) a reading done by my Zisk co-editor Mike at a great alt-bookstore called Jigsaw on East 11th st in the East Village. Once I got home to my oven of an apartment (where paint is literally peeling off the walls due to the heatwave that currently has the metro area in a headlock), I flipped on ESPNews and was stunned to see a replay of Chris Woodward's walkoff homerun. Suddenly the sweat pouring down my face didn't seem to matter at all. And I'm sure Mark Simon's Mets Walkoffs site will tackle this one soon.

Other quick thoughts:
Is Kris Benson a legitimate #2 starter? Quite possibly.

Is Mike Piazza done as a #5 hitter? Most likely.

Could tomorrow be Kaz Ishii's last start if he blows it again? I am positive of that.

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