Thursday, September 14, 2006


Last night was yet another fantastic come-from-behind win against the Marlins. (Too bad "scrappy" is such a cliche in the sports world, it truly fits the young Fish.) Why on earth the playoff-bound Mets, now just one win from clinching the division, had to stage late inning rallies two nights in a row against a .500 team is cause for concern, especially with Glavine having started the second of those games, but no worries. The Mets first division flag since '88 is nearly in hand. Let's get ready to celebrate. (And please, for the love of Kranepool, let's seem some damn celebrating. Let it not be one of those smug "been there, done that" reactions the Braves indulge in when they win the division. I want to see Beltran and Wright and Reyes and Willie and Omar and everyone else popping corks and spouting off "we haven't done anything yet" cliches that are wonderfully contradicted by unrestrained shit eating grins.)

Now, do they have 100 wins in the tank?

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