Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Wright And Wrong Report: Another Night Ruined

Even before I left work I knew that last night's game was rained out, I expected to see some sort of baseball once I got to my apartment. I mean, I do have the Extra Innings package, so I would be able to catch two-thirds of the Red Sox-White Sox game, and probably a few innings here and there of other NL wild card contenders.

Then came the track fire.

After the lengthy delay I got home more than an hour later than I expected, turned on the TV, found the channel that had the Sox-Sox matchup...and saw that it was already in the 8th inning. 8th inning? It was only 9:05--no A.L. game goes that quickly these days! Then I discovered the Astros-Phillies game was rained out, which led me back to SNY to see what Mets Classic they had programmed for the rainout. The '88 division clincher? Perfect...until Fran Healy's voice came in after I was watching for maybe 10 minutes at most.


I guess I can't watch any Mets classic because of that knucklehead. Dammit.

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