Friday, September 22, 2006

The Wright And Wrong Report: This Time of Year is Hard

In the past, it's been hard being a Mets fan around this time of year because they've choked or have long been out of playoff contention. Now that these games have no effect on the playoffs at all, I find my attention drifting off. Wednesday night I found myself listening to the game at the laundromat, but losing track of the score at times. At last night's gig I noticed Pedro hadn't given up any hits, but then kind of lost track of what was going on as I helped out our guest host run the night. Other gigs I would stroll down to the other end of the bar to see what was going on at least every couple of songs.

That lackadaisical attitude will change this weekend, as I am going to Saturday's game with my friend from D.C. Dr. Nancy, who is a new school Nats fan (and occasional Zisk contributor) and an old school Yankees fan. (She remembers the Don Mattingly era!) I've also got ticket for Monday night, which is the last home game of the year before the playoffs. If they win both games, the Mets will have gone 10-0 with me at the ballpark.

They should make me Mr. Met for the entire World Series, that's how lucky I have been.

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