Wednesday, September 27, 2006

One Cup at a Time

With the Mets having the asses handed to them again by the Braves, I've decided to seek other pursuits for the night. (In this case finshing Mike Shropshire's brilliant Seasons in Hell, which is about the mid-70s Texas Rangers. Yes, tonight reading about a bunch of sad sack Rangers teams from the 70s is more appealing than watching the Mets get steamrolled by another mediocre team.) But before doing so I wanted to be the loyal fan and share my thoughts with my fellow Mets fantatics. I realize that Zisk is a small fish in a big pond of bloggin' but I like to get my facts right. So I clicked on to see if there had been any change in the 8-1 ballgame. I verified that there had not been any change in score and then came across this gem of headline: "Mets Chip Away at Early Braves Lead," which is along the lines of "Child With Collapsible Boy Scout Drinking Cup Helps Prevent Titanic From Sinking." Plus, techically, I think you have to score a second run in order to merit "chipping away" status.

Just checked the score again (I'm kind of like Charlie Brown and the football with this damn team) and I'm pretty sure that the current tally, 13-1, only solidifies my argument.

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