Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Wright And Wrong Report: Seriously...

...what the fuck is going on here? 3-9 the last 12 games? And that massacre last night made me think I was watching a replay from 2004--and it didn't help my massive headache at all either. Is this just a "these games don't matter malaise" or a serious fucking slump? Steve Somers has told fans over and over again the past two nights there is no reason to worry, but teams can't just turn it off and turn it back on when it matters easily. I'm still confident in their chances to get to the World Series, but it will be no cakewalk--and a loss to a hot wildcard team (i.e. the Phillies) would not surprise me at all.

(Okay, the ranting is over.)

I was at Monday's debacle, my first loss all season. Still, I went 9-1 this year (12-1 if you count a Cyclones win and two Yankee losses), which is a mark I am sure will be hard to top. As I sat in my seat in the upper deck, I started getting that melancholy feeling I get when the end of the baseball season is upon us, dreading those nights right after Halloween when I go home and there are no games on. They're aren't enough episodes of Lost on to help me shake that feeling. Guess I'll have to watch my 1986 World Series DVD to get me through until Thanksgiving.

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