Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Wright And Wrong Report: More Talk About Ketchup on Hot Dogs!

So by the time I got home last night the game was already a blowout in the 7th inning, and I wondered if it was worth even watching. Then I realized, "Keith Hernandez is back from three days off!" And Keith did not disappoint -- sighing about pitchers throwing balls; not filling in his scorecard in protest; and a lengthy discussion about ketchup on hot dogs that Gary Cohen brought up in a sequel of sorts to a conversation he and Ron Darling had on Saturday. Keith approves, but Gary doesn't. Keith also likes Light Helman's Mayo on his burger, while Gary prefers a tomato.

Seriously, I could listen to these kind of conversations for an entire game.

Alas, the Mets will not clinch before I go on vacation on Thusrday, so Mike you'll have to describe to me what happens.

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