Tuesday, September 19, 2006

We Can Do Even Better

I agree with Steve, last night's celebration was a bit overboard, but it came on the heals of a great game and it, the party, was a blast. Trachsel pitched his ass off. And how perfect was it having Jose Valentin, a guy who, back in April, appeared to be on the fast track out of town, carry the offense with two home runs?

Note to Paul LoDuca: in conjunction with your pitchers decide who's going to jump and who's going to catch when it comes time for the "run into each other's arms" ritual. Last night you and Billy Wagner looked indecisive and awkward when you settled for that anti-climatic hug. This isn't a Thanksgiving greeting for Aunt Marge, this is playoff time.

My favorite post-game highlights...

(Off-camera question posed to Cliff Floyd who caught the final out) Where's the ball?

Cliff: Right here. (Translation: Nobody's getting their mitts on this ball.)

21-year-old Lastings Milledge, facitiously yet innocently dropping his guard as he pointed to a half-empty bottle of champagne: This is my first drink.

Finally, our boys deserve even better beer (Bud Light? I turn my nose up at the stuff even when it's free) and a better soundtrack (BTO's "Takin' Care of Business"? What's in store for the division series, "Brown Eyed Girl"? "American Pie"? Let's steer clear of cliche. The less like a freshman kegger, the better.)

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