Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Crazy Keith's Corner: And the Oscar Goes To...

As I sat yelling in joy at my TV at 11:01 p.m. last night, I couldn't help but think what Keith would have said seeing this picture:

Boy, these walkoffs are fun. And fun to dissect.
On the Keith beat today, Jerry Crasnick has an interesting column about baseball players and their turns in front of the camera. Of course, our hero's guest shot on Seinfeld ranks rather high.

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Anonymous said...

Ron Darling on the next road trip schedule: "Obviously not planned by the Accidental Tourist."

AND on the difference in base-running between The Bay Giant Grump (per New York Times a couple of weeks ago) and Bengie Molina: "Well, you just saw a guy who can run, not run one out, and a guy who can't run, run one out."

I kinda get peeved when SF is in town because then the whole series becomes about just one guy, and it's all anyone talks or seemingly thinks about, and I don't feel like he deserves to hijack everything like that. But I can't seem to look away, like the proverbial car crash. There is something so compellingly weird about Bonds. Just look at him. He doesn't even really look like a person anymore, he looks like a kind of mythic monster. He looks like a poster child for the Faustian Bargain.