Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Burn That Feels Good

I went to Shea on this gorgeous Sunday for my first home day game of the season. My long-time friend Molly has a weekend ticket pack in a front row box in the upper deck, so the sun was merciless on me (and I'm sure her as well). As I sit in my apartment writing this, oh how I wished I had used some of my aunt's sunscreen. It was her first game at Shea in 22 years and somehow she was more prepared. Thankfully it was a great game to witness from the moment Jose Reyes scampered around the bases in the bottom of the first.

(Here's a bit of trivia--the game we saw all those years ago was Dwight Gooden's 20th win. Who would have thought it would be the only time he'd hit that mark in his career.)

Crazy Keith should be back tomorrow night, but I'll be rocking out to Wilco instead. The Keith saga will continue Tuesday night.

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Anonymous said...

Fun weekend. I'll take a few more of those.

Ron and Gary were digressing about their kids, and Ron remarked, "Oh, my kids are old." Huh?

Another great visit from Ralph Kiner-- said Willie Mays on the '73 Mets was like "The Picture of Dorian Grey." The picture, not Dorian. :P Damn, I love literary allusions in baseball games.

They were talking about all those years of Kiner's Korner lost to posterity. Ralph recalled how Cleon Jones, once too terrified to speak, got relaxed enough to do promos. And ChooChoo Coleman. Ralph asked "How did you get your nickname?" ChooChoo helpfully replied "I don't know."

Not the greatest ChooChoo story, though. Ralph asked him, "What's your wife's name, and what's she like?"
He said "Mrs. Coleman, and she likes, me, bub."

Ralph told a nice one too, about the Stengels. Ralph ran into Edna on their wedding anniversary, and she didn't look too pleased. "When we met, he (Casey) was a good dancer and he spent money. He's still a good dancer." :P

All good for Family Day.