Friday, June 01, 2007

We're Rockin' Baseball: Musicians and Their Love of the National Pastime

This little publication got started over eight years ago because our founder and publisher Mike Faloon wanted an outlet for the baseball-related ideas (and baseball-related parts of interviews with musicians) that he didn’t think would fit in his long-running music and culture ’zine Go Metric. Yet with Mike and me, music is always lurking there in the background of everything we do for Zisk. When we assemble each issue, we pick out new albums to play for each other while we fold, staple, seal, address and repeat. Both of us have made multiple music references in our blog entries over the past two plus years. We’ve even interviewed a few musicians (Bills both Bragg and Janovitz) for these very pages. And when we set up an interview with one of our favorite musicians (Scott McCaughey) about his love of the game, we had no idea that over the next few weeks the baseball gods would award us the opportunity to speak with three other folks whose passion for the game matches our passion for their music. So what follows are four entertaining conversations with some our favorite musicians talking about our favorite sport. We can’t thank each of them enough for sharing the time and their thoughts with us. —SR

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