Saturday, June 16, 2007

Crazy Keith's Corner: He's Cold, They're Lukewarm?

Keith came back to the booth and brought along with him a nail biter of a win. I didn't take many notes because I could barely breathe most of the game due to the stress, but this gem caught my ear. After Gary Cohen announced that it was 24 years ago yesterday that Keith was traded to the Mets (a bookend, Gary noted, with another big trade in the franchise's history), a package of Hernandez highlights rolled. One showed him plowing into a catcher at home plate, which inspired Keith to remark, "Ooh, that's when I had a 32 waist."


Also, someone get our hero some Airborne--how does he have yet another cold?

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Anonymous said...

Actually, he said "That's when I had a 32-inch waist, and I was dangerous.!"

Which reminds me of this riff he'd been doing on and off over the past few weeks. When he disapproved of some baserunning, or defensive play around the bases, he would scornfully say that it's become a "gentleman's game," and like a "gentleman's club," then start doing this so-lame-it-was-hilarious faux-British accent. "Sorry old chap," he says to Gary.

I guess Keith's never been to the footy!