Friday, June 08, 2007

Crazy Keith's Corner: Keith's Upset and I'm on Strike

Nothing too funny about last night's game either. Fuck.

Well, except this little exchange when Gary Cohen announced that the last three Mets to hit back-to-back-to-back home runs included Keith Hernandez as the third batter. Keith didn't believe he was hitting behind Darryl Strawberry until Gary told him it was 1989...

Keith: Oh, that was my horrible year.

Gary: At the time, you were batting .216.

Keith: Oh, thank you. (Ron Darling chuckles in the background) That computer's not going to be long for this booth.

Ron: Someone in loge, look out!

And now, I am on strike from the blog. If Ricky Ledee is starting, I ain't writing. Maybe Mike might check in for a cameo (hint, hint my compadre), but I refuse to write about this team when Ledee is on the roster.

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Anonymous said...

Can we panic now?

Nothing funny at all about the past four days, except there was something downright ominous about those damn birds in Comerica Field. It's ridiculous. How can you play with all those big white things swirling around you? You must feel like a sock in a dryer.

Apparenly one of them defiled poor Oliver Perez's glove, and Rick Petersen held some kind of exorcism. Didn't help.

I am such a wimp-- I really can't take too much of this. I am getting in my WayBack machine and going back to 1986.

Ozzie Virgil, call your sister!