Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Crazy Keith's Corner: The Useless Department

A rain-shortened Mets win didn't mean we got less from the mind of Keith Hernandez:

(Keith gives a compliment to Cardinals pitcher Anthony Reyes, then pauses)
Keith: I should clarify, that's Anthony Reyes. I just confused the producer in the truck. He's yelling in my ear screaming, "Jose doesn't pitch!"
Gary: That's okay, you confuse us sometimes too.

(As the rain started falling again, after a rain delay that push the game's start back)
Ron: (To Keith) You're on a hot streak -- two 11 inning games, one rain delay and now this.
Keith: And I got a 76 mile drive to Sag Harbor. (Gary and Ron laugh) Hey, I gotta get up and pack in the morning.

(After a discussion where Keith and Gary talk about Hernandez's brother also being named Gary, Ron chimes in)
Ron: You know, Gar in French means war.
Gary: Well, that's spelled differently, right
Keith: Right, G-A-R-R-E?
Ron: Yes, that's it.
Gary: You guys are a fountain of information.
Ron: We are the Ministers of the Useless!

And I so wished I had been recording when Keith and Ron started talking about having TVs in the clubhouse to watch the game as it was going on. Keith definitely seemed to not be a fan of Tim McCarver.


Anonymous said...

Les Dudes! It's G-U-E-R-R-E!

Professor Darling's French Academy not getting off to a great start. ;)

Interesting about McCarver-- players and managers in general were put off by him. Keith's now in the booth himself, and with his bluntness, he should find himself in a similar position at times.

Just look at the reaction he got Friday from Le Phanatique de Philly!

Jonah said...

who IS a fan of tim mccarver?