Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Crazy Keith's Corner: Look for the Union Label

If Keith goes missing this week, I believe I will have a prime suspect:

(SNY shows a shot of a worker sitting down on a part of CitiField peering into Shea)
Keith: Looks like a union job there..
Ron: Oh no, you want to take on the New York unions?
Gary: I just want the unions to know it's K-E-I-T-H, H-E-R... (all dissolve into laughter)

And Ron isn't slacking in his comments even with Keith back:
(Gary mentions that the Cardinals pitcher Troy Cate, who went to Brigham Young, was suspended twice for steroid use in the minor leagues)
Ron: If ya can't trust someone from Brigham Young, who can you trust?

I will say one thing--you CAN'T trust Scott Schoeneweis.

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