Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Haiku II

Ouch, shamed by the Twins
Santana: No K's, no runs
Mets woes continue

(Note: Haiku on a baseball site. Kind of lame, I know. I don't necessarily enjoy writing haiku, yet I've found that my dabblings in the genre can be quite powerful. Last Friday, for instance, just thinking about dipping my toes in the pond of 5-7-5 poetry prompted Oliver Perez's brilliant outing in the Bronx, which ended the Mets losing streak. At that point I thought the Mets were back on track and thus there would be no further need for Zisk-generated haiku. Apparently, however, either my powers have diminished or the Mets suck more than I thought. But we gotta believe, right? Therefore, I vow to write a haiku for each Mets game until such point as they have won two (2) straight series.)


Anonymous said...

Keep up the Haiku-- perhaps they need odes, sonnets, terza rime, rondeaux and dithyrambs as well. :P

Anyway, Mets Today has thoughtfull provided this:

Mike Faloon said...

You are correct, miss
Consider writing for us
What is dithyramb?