Saturday, June 10, 2006

The M&M Mets: It's All in the Moustache

I realize our original concept was that Steve and I each choose one hero and one villain to follow during the season, but in light of recent events, namely the unceremonious unloading of Kaz Matsui, I am forced to change things a bit. I'll stick with Pedro Martinez as my first "M," but for my second "M" I'm going to slot in Jose Valentin, moustache and all. He's far from boo bait these days, but think back to the early weeks of the season when Jose was 0-for-everthing as a pinch hitter. At some point Jose is going to cool off and the Shea faithful will be there to remind him of his shortcomings. But not me. I'm in Jose's corner all year, come hell or highwater.

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