Thursday, June 15, 2006

The M&M Mets: Readjusting Expectations

What I expected coming into Philly was for Glavine to come back from his last start. I also expected the offense to spudder a bit. Not because of the change of venue--the dimensions of the Phillies' park barely qualify for middle school competition--but because it's inevitable that the Mets will cool off.

What I got was further evidence that the Mets' offense can produce like world beaters, scoring early and often and relentlessly. And do it while seeming to have fun. The offense has also masked a lot of suspect pitching lately.

Milledge should go down to Norfolk when Nady returns.

There I said it. They should stick with their original plan. The kid's got it all in terms of heart and talent and my kid is going to grow up loving Lastings, but he, Milledge isn't there yet. You can't do it all every time. I'm thinking of his base running mistake from tonight, trying to score from first on Julio Franco's single. I'm a member of the Milledge fan club like everyone else these days, but I think Nady will produce more consistently, offensively and defensively, over the course of the season.

Ain't it great that we're having these kinds of "debates"? Choosing which productive hitter we want patrolling the outfield. To paraphrase Mel Brooks from History of the World: Part One, It's good to be in first place by 8.5 games.

(Blogger's note: Mike wrote this entry, but because Blogger has been porking us left and right, he wasn't able to post it, so I had to.)

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