Sunday, June 11, 2006

The M&M Mets: Me and Fidel

I woke up in a strange mood this morning. I found myself thinking about, of all people, Fidel Castro. Probably because of Allay Soler 's shutout last night. I pictured Fidel sneaking peeks at his blackberry during a cabinet meeting, watching the scoreboard as yet another Cuban defector, pitching for the Mets, shut down the Diamondbacks, those capitalist dogs whose players indulge in illegal stimulants. First, El Duque went the distance against Arizone. Then Soler. I realized that Castro and I were rooting for the same guys, both of us feeling vindicated. One because the recent success of El Duque and Soler, both Cuban defectors, validates a continued belief in the Marxist experiment. The other because he just likes the Mets.

I wonder if Fidel marvels at the 2006 Mets the same way I do. They only have two consistent starting pitchers and one of them, Pedro, hasn't won in six starts. They have but one regular player hitting over .300 (David Wright - .339). The rest of the starting line up is being outhit by two pitchers (Tom Glavine - .300; Brian Bannister - .400) and a 47-year-old pinch hitter (Julio Franco - .308). And yet the Mets are in first place. Winning on the road. Against good teams (the Dodgers and D'backs are tied for first in the NL West). And this despite guys like Cliff Floyd, Jose Reyes, and Xavier Nady dealing with injuries to various extents. And Delgado slumping below .250.

I'm just assuming Castro has the time to follow American baseball on a regular basis. How much time does he spend at the office these days?

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