Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Wright and Wrong Report: A Gold Glove Play

I'm going to simply forget every other bad thing (cough cough, Glavine, Heilman, Wagner) that happened last night to focus on one play. One play that showed the passion of this team, a passion not seen from the Flushing nine for years. One play that, when we look back on the 2006 season, might cause us to say, "Wow, that really set this team down the winning path." One play that made me stand up and applaud in my apartment, most likely to the dismay of my downstairs neighbors.

David Wright snagging Pat Burrell's line drive in the 9th.

This bullet had double written all over it. Yet somehow Wright snagged it and started a huge double play. I know the season isn't even half over, but if there's a bigger defensive moment than this one I'll be shocked.

And it wasn't only the play itself--it was the reaction of all four players involved. The replays of seeing Wright, Chris Woodward, Carlos Delgado and Billy Wagner all pumping their fists after the play was the best thing I've seen on TV since the last few episodes of 24. These guys knew how big it was. After a few passionless seasons from the Mets, it was absolutely thrilling to witness.

Brett Myers must be thinking, "I gotta win, I gotta win."

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