Monday, June 05, 2006

The Wright and Wrong Report: F-ing Finally!

Well Zisk readers, sometime technology is not your friend. Over the weekend I wrote an entry between the games of Saturday's doubleheader, noting how David Wright was on fire (3 for 4, 2 doubles), but he couldn't pitch for the team.

The entry didn't save.

Then after the amazing 11th inning walk-off, I wrote something summarizing the whole long-ass day of baseball.

Again, the entry didn't save.

After Sunday's game and the "controversial" act of Lastings Milledge hi-fiving fans (WHO FREAKING CARES?), I decided to sum up the whole weekend.

Blogger wouldn't even open.


So after numerous attempts today, I have been able to get on and actual write an entry, with the belief it will save. But at this point, I'm too aggravated to rewrite all three entries again. What I can say is that while these late/extra-inning comebacks are fun to watch, how about a few blowouts going our way so we can save the bullpen for later in the season?

Anyways, all West Coast games this week, so looking bleared-eyed will be standard attire every morning at work.

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