Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Wright and Wrong Report: Allay Your Concerns

David Wright apparently left his how streak back at Shea, racking up an 0 for 4 last night in Chavez Ravine. But getting out of Shea was great for Carlos Delgado and Allay Soler. Delgado crushed a pitch in the first, and added a double to boot. He has something good to write in his book now. And the "Cuban defect" pitched very respectably--at least from what I heard. Not having Howie Rose call the game on the FAN last night (I almost always listen to the West Coast game in my bedroom while reading or writing on the computer) put me to sleep before the top of the 6th. Tom McCarthy and Ed Coleman are a decent team (and seemed to really be enjoying themseleves last night when they couldn't figure out where Gloversville, New York was) but Coleman's voice is so monotone at times it just lulls me to sleep. And for those who care, Gary Cohen should be recovered from his appendix surgery in time to start calling games on June 16th when the Mets are back in Flushing.

And here are the last two pieces you should ever have to read about the stupid Lasting Milledge hi-five controversy from our friends at Faith and Fear and Metstradamus.

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