Monday, June 12, 2006

The Wright and Wrong Report: It's All Right

As Mike wrote over the weekend, our experiment of focusing on two players apiece has gone the way of Jose Lima--shipped out the door without a goodbye. And while writing just about David Wright could fill a book itself, I find myself wanting to comment more on, well, everybody. Endy Chavez, Lastings Milledge, Jose Valentin, heck, even Eli Marrero (with one of the 65 doubles the Mets hit on Sunday) I am really starting to like all parts of this team. I find myself not even switching over to Red Sox games to check that score. (And yes, I am not looking forward to having my two favorite sports teams in the world play each other again later this month.) I'm fascinated how this Mets club seems loosey-goosey in the dugout and the clubhouse and then how they (usually) have a laser-like focus on the field.

In short, I am starting to believe. Maybe it's the dry Arizona air causing me to be optimistic, I'm not sure. But after the "Massacre at the O.K. corral" (Ron Darling's term, not mine) it's hard not to be a bit happy on this off day.

So while I'll still be calling my entries The Wright and Wrong Report, I expect to write about everything that's right, not just Wright.

In unrelated news, does anyone else realize how much they miss Howie Rose full-time on TV?

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