Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Air Beltran

While watching the game, my wife and I were doublechecking the "baby bag." (She's due--any day now--with our first child.)

Allie: Blanket.
Me: Check.
Allie: Baby Einstein CD.
Me: Check.
Allie: Holy shit, a grand slam!

Unbeknownst to Carlos Beltran, who swatted that upper deck grand slam, he nearly induced labor. Allie was thrilled to see Beltran break open a one run game. I was too, though I couldn't figure out why the Reds pitched around LoDuca. Doing so loaded the bases and brought Beltran to the plate. I don't want to disparage the fine people of Cincinnati, but don't they have calendars? Don't they realize that this is the 2006 edition of Carlos Beltran, not the scratch and dent 2005 version?

Check out the numbers and by all means, let's hope teams keep pitching to Beltran...

2005 (the entire season): 582 At-Bats; 16 HR; 78 RBI
2006 (just over half way): 301 At-Bats; 27 HR; 78 RBI

The Mets are going to finish with two guys in the Top 10 come MVP time.

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