Monday, July 24, 2006

The Wright and Wrong Report: Um, These Teams Aren't Supposed to Score

So the Mets give up 8 runs to the Astros yesterday, and now 8 runs to the Cubs? Is Anthony Young pitching or something? I will say I did think the comeback was certain after the 3 run 7th inning, but the Cubs bullpen woke up and shut down the lineup finally.

On the plus side, we had Gary Cohen with "I'm Krazy" Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling tonight. Here's a great exchange that occurred after Keith was saying Carlos Delgado was coming out of his slump:

Gary: That’s why you hear hitters talk about slumping in an almost mystical way.

Keith: That’s why I always say, don’t go home and stick your head in the oven

Ron: Well, that’s something you don’t ever want to do even when you’re not in a slump.

(Laughs all around)

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