Friday, July 07, 2006

The M&M Mets: Willie's Crystal Ball

Why, I wondered upon seeing the Mets starting line up tonight, is Willie leaning so heavily on the bench? Opening game of the series with the Marlins, who have played well of late. Dontrelle starting for the Fish and Jose Lima, limping up from Triple A, countering for the Mets. So why make this a night to start Woodward, Franco, Castro, and Marrero?

The Mets never had a chance tonight. Dontrelle swatted a grand slam against the hapless Lima and put the Marlins up 7-0. A grand slam to the pitcher. That's the kind of ugly that leaves a mark. Dontrelle may have stumbled out of the gate this spring, but he's rolling now. And Lima, well, he's not. I'm going to credit Willie with the foresight to see this coming, to make tonight the night to rest a lot of guys, and then come back strong over the next couple of days. They're going to need the support when the Mets kiddie corp of pitchers goes toe to toe against the Marlins kiddie corp.

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