Thursday, July 13, 2006

Keith Hernandez: A Second Chance

Last year Steve and I often vented about the Mets TV broadcasters, especially Keith Hernandez. He read the stats that were on the screen rather than share his own thoughts. He talked a lot about his days as a player. And it wasn't uncommon for Keith to confess to not paying attention to the game. He was all but yelling at viewers, "I'm incompetent and I'm getting paid for it!" He continues to do many of these things, but the other day against the Marlins he added a new dimension to his act.

It was late in the game. The Mets were en route to a 17-3 win. Marlins pitcher Jason Vargas was working mop up duty...

Keith Hernandez: Ever heard of Touch of Evil?

Gary Cohen: What made you think of that?

Keith: Jason Vargas. In the movie Orson Welles played Detective Vargas.

Gary Cohen: You're like Casey Stengel, you eventually get to the point.

Keith: I thought we were just killing time.

Keith spent the rest of the inning talking about the movie, listing cast members, commenting on Marlene Dietrich's performance. He even remembered that Dennis Weaver had played the creepy hotel clerk. Now as it turns out, Welles played a police captain named Hank Quinlin and it was Charlton Heston who played Vargas. But still, Keith got most of it right and if he is going to treat us to obscure movie trivia during the late innings I'm going to cross the aisle and vote Hernandez.

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