Monday, July 24, 2006

The Wright And Wrong Report: It Doesn't Keep Going and Going...

This weekend my Mets watching options got a bit messed up by mother nature and the Energizer bunny. Saturday I was all set to watch most of El Duque's start before I had to go to a wedding BBQ is Gramercy Park. Alas, yet another rain delay hit, so I was only able to witness El Duque having a crappy first inning and then the team battling back to get him the lead. As I sipped Coronas and had a burger, I hoped that the bullpen would hold.

Sunday my ticket plans fell through, so I decided to take advantage of a rare "not as hot as the sun" day and listen to the game on my little portable radio as I walked to Prospect Park. I heard the Mets go ahead on Carlos Delgado's latest smash and was confident Mike Pelfrey would get his third straight win. As I approached 3rd street in the park, my batteries went dead. I didn't have my wallet with me, so I ended up having to walk the 50 minutes back to my apartment without knowing a damn thing. After reading the recap, and seeing the high (or in this case, low) lights of Aaron Heilman's fielding blunder, I'm glad the bunny went dead.

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