Monday, July 17, 2006

Steve Trachsel: Winning Ugly

Steve Trachsel has not pitched well lately and yet he's won seven straight starts. He's also the Mets' best pitcher right now. That's hard to believe. The cynics are saying he's just lucky, that he doesn't deserve "Mets' Best Pitcher Right Now" status. Let's check out the numbers.

Over their last five starts here is how each of the Mets regular starters has fared. (Won-loss record/Innings pitched/earned runs allowed)

El Duque: 1-3 (24.1/15)

Tom Glavine: 1-1 (29.1/12)

Pedro Martinez: 2-3 (26/18)

Steve Trachsel: 5-0 (29.1/13)

Being the Mets' best pitcher is a dubious honor. No one has average even six innings a start, and while Glavine has yielded one less run his timing hasn't been as good as Trachel's lately. Okay, so Trachsel's been lucky lately.

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