Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Wasting Endy's Homerun

The Mets have faced big name pitchers three games in a row--Roy Oswalt, Greg Maddux, and Carlos Zambrano--and they have racked up 17 runs. Delgado has continued to shake his slump and tonight Endy Chavez, of all people, came through with a three-run homer. The offense has looked great.

The starting pitching has been useless. Trachsel, Pelfrey, and Glavine have coughed up over 20 runs and lasted barely 15 innings. To paraphrase Fishbone, that is U-G-L-Y and there is no alibi. Adding insult to ass-kicking is the fact that the Astros and Cubs are terrible teams offensively.

I know all of this is obvious. Tonight I indulge in a bit of venting. Tomorrow the Cubs go for the sweep.

Bring us the stamina of Pedro Martinez.

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