Monday, July 17, 2006

The Wright And Wrong Report: The Cover-Up

Those numbers my co-blogger Mike noted below confirmed my suspicions before I could even get to the blog today: yesterday's record-breaking run explosion is a great boxscore to peek at, but it doesn't hide the fact that the Mets pitching has been subpar since the "Greatest Road Trip Ever." In the Windy City El Duque looked horrible, Tom Glavine coughed up a lead for the fourth or fifth game in a row; and Steve Trachsel, well, he was O.K. I know I've said that Mets fans should enjoy the ride, but it's hard not to worry about the (gulp, dare I say it, yes I shall) the playoffs. With the way the rest of the NL has played these season, a trip to the World Series would seem to be as easy as it could possibly be this season. And I'd hate for the Mets to be yet another NL that got swept because they pitched like, well, me.

(Okay, okay, Mr. Negativity will step away from the keyoboard now.)

So, it seems like Letterman and the Home Run Derby have not gone to Mr. Wright's head--hits in all three games after the break; 3 for 5 yesterday; and a Cincinnati team coming up that he usually hits the crap out of all add up to a hot start to the second half for the Mets All-Star third basemen. Which leaves me with one last question--why is tonight an off night? Didn't the team just have four days off? I want to listen to Howie Rose and that other guy blasting through my air-conditioned bedroom from my little portable A.M. radio, telling me how this road trip will continue to be a good one.

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