Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Wright And Wrong Report: Um, Who's Whose Daddy?

"We’re still the team to beat," Andruw Jones said, thumbing through the issue of Sports Illustrated with five Mets players on the cover. "We’re always the team to beat." -- The New York Times 7/23

Hey Andruw--fuck you. Twice.

The Mets might have played down the importance of this series to the press, but anyone watching the first inning the past two days would realize that these guys are pissed about all the crap certain members of the Braves said to the media. Since Pedro Martinez realized he could pitch without pain in the top of the second Friday, these games have been no contest. This team--which still manages to surprise me even after 103 games--has woken up. Even though it's kind of worrisome that the Mets don't play with such authority every game, it's understandable with double digit lead in the midst of a hot summer. It is nice to see that when the spotlight is on, these guys can kick it up a level.

Bring on a sweep.

Bring on the post-season--these guys will be amped and ready.

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