Friday, April 22, 2005

4/21 - Mets 10, Marlins 1

So once again I was very wrong -- there was no pitcher's duel in sight at last night's game. Pedro Martinez, pitching for the first time this season without the benefit of an extra's day's rest, easily outclassed Al "Let's Go Back to 2003" Leiter. Martinez seems determined to prove that all his critics (myself included) were wrong--he can go more than 5 innings, he can pitch with or without the great fastball, and he can fit in and encourage his teammates. I guess Omar Minaya knew what he was doing.

I'm also sure Omar Minaya didn't expect that another one of his pickups -- Doug "Who Needs Spell Check" Mientkiewicz -- would deliver so much so far this young season. The former Minnesota Twins and Boston Red Sox first baseman was supposed to impress with the glove, which he has done again and again. But who would have thought the guy would have almost as many RBI's as Carlos Beltran?

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