Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Zambrano Triples to Center!

My dad was in town Monday night and by the time we got back from dinner the Mets were down 3-0. We turned it off at 5-0. (We missed their final flourish that closed the gap to 5-4.) Yesterday I was thinking how the past eight games--during which time the Metropolitans were 6-2--have been a perfect demonstration of how the Mets' starting pitching will dictate their fortunes this year, that they can't rely on their offense to overcome any subpar pitching performances. But then, last night against the Phillies, Victor Zambrano turned in just such a start and the Mets lineup opened the flood gates. Ironically, I turned on the TV just as Zambrano was helping his own cause by ripping a triple to right center. A two-run triple that pushed the score to 11-4. With the Mets so far out in front, Allie flipped over to the Yankees game to see if Hideo Nomo and the Devil Rays could hold onto their 3-1 lead. Nomo was gone by the seventh and when we went back to the Mets game it was 16-4--we missed David Wright's grand slam. I felt unfaithful at that point and voted to stick with the Mets game. But it seemed that the scoring was done by that point and when we returned to the Yankees game Tampa Bay had opened up a 6-2 lead. This time we missed an error by Derek Jeter that led to a Devil Rays run. It was just a night of being one step behind the action, but it was a relief to see that the Mets are capable of opening up a big lead early and then pitching well enough to win.

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