Thursday, April 07, 2005

4/6 - Reds 9, Mets 5

In 2003 Tom Glavine couldn't pitch; in 2004 the Mets couldn't get runs when he pitched; and apparently this year Glavine will complain he doesn't get calls. At two different times last night he started walking off the mound, thinking he had strike three. Alas, no dice, as both Joe Randa and Ken Griffey Jr. used their extra swings to drive in three runs combined. Glavine must regret his decision not to resign with Atlanta every day.

The NL education of Willie Randolph continued as the umpires ruled he messed up a double switch in the 8th, leading to the pitcher's spot to come up in the top of the 9th. However, it didn't matter, as the Cincy folk hero-in-waiting Joe Randa hit a grand slam after Mike DeJean loaded the bases.

On the plus side, Doug "You Can't Use Spell Check on My Last Name" Mientkiewicz and David Wright both hit home runs--and Wright looks particularly comfortable at the plate this early in the season. And Jose Reyes made a rather impressive stop of a ball that Kaz Matsui would have never reached last year.

One last thought about the season opener--and to show that the New York papers didn't blow how horrific it was out of proportion. I have the MLB Extra Innings package and was switching back and forth between the Mariners-Twins and Angels-Rangers, and at different points during both games they were talking about the bullpen make-up of each club. And each color commentary said (I'm paraphrasing here), "Talking about bullpens, how about that Mets game yesterday? You can't find a worse way to lose a season opener." Ouch.

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