Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Perspective: Two Takes

Steve's right, it's time for perspective. We're 1/23 of the way into the year and it's time to step back and look at what they Mets have hung on the wall to date. Let's hear from the pessimists first...

The bottle of Gatorade is half empty: They're 2-5, and the only way they've built up that paltry win total is by beating a converted relief pitcher (John Smoltz) and by having the good fortune to be the other team when the Astros defense collapsed (did you see those throws to home Taveras made from centerfield? I haven't seen anything so off the mark since Rush Limbaugh addressed a riot grrl convention back in '96). But don't worry, help is on the way...Kris Benson will be back soon! Can you reach the panic button from you're sitting?

The bottle, though dented, is half full: Back-to-back wins against playoff teams. Huge, late-inning offensive outbursts. Someone other than Piazza coming up with timely hits. Kaz showing he can bunt. Reliable infield defense for the first time since '99. Pedro pitching with purpose (asking to finish a game). Glavine quickly adjusting to this year's strike zone. Looper settling into the form he showed last year. And Willie's moustache. Hang onto to something stationary, we're just getting started.

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