Saturday, April 02, 2005

Welcome to Zisk Online!

Welcome to Zisk Online, the internet home of Zisk Magazine. Intending to cover baseball from a fan's perspective, the first issue of Zisk was published in the summer of 1999. Zisk is now published twice a season, with the latest issue, #10, available in April 2005. Here you'll find articles from our previous issues (without the snazzy graphics, which Steve puts a lot of time into, that make the print version a highly sought after collector's item) as well as a running commentary on the New York Mets 2005 season by editors our Mike Faloon and Steve Reynolds (yeah, we ripped off the idea from Stephen King and Stewart O'Nan's book Faithful, but who says we're original?) and other web-only content.

Zisk, the print version, can be ordered online through the following great folks:

Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

Yay! Zisk is online! The site looks good.

Oh, and an important baseball anniversary is coming up on April 8th: Hank Aaron's 30th anniversary of hitting his 715th home run. I read that it's "Hank Aaron night" at the stadium (and guess who they're playing? The Mets.) I wish I could be there to see Hank. How cool would that be? (and that's the only time I will ever say "I wish I was in Atlanta.")

Anonymous said...

woohoo! who needs baseball tonight when you've got zisk online? well, since i don't have cable or an internet connection at home i guess the whole discussion is moot. i'm happy to see this site but sad about The Series Of Unfortunate Events a.k.a. the Oakland A's 2005 season.

Anonymous said...

Why the name Zisk for the magazine?

Figgsrock2 said...

It was named after Richie Zisk, one of our publisher's favorite players of the 70s.