Saturday, April 09, 2005

4/8 - Braves 3, Mets 1

"Uh-oh. Aw crap!"

I must have said that at least five times during this game. I watched most of it No Idea, a bar in the Gramercy Park area of Manhattan. It was the perfect place to watch a game because the bar had cleared out after happy hour, and they had 3 TV's--one had the Yankees, the big flat screen had the Mets and the midsize TV had the Red Sox. Only the Mets game disappointed me. Kaz Matsui made an crucial error, costing the Mets two runs, and the team hit into three rally-killing double plays.

On the plus side, Victor Zambrano almost looked like a real pitcher, getting out of jam in the fifth. Still, oh for four. Is bad. Very bad.

Tomorrow's report will be short, as I'll be missing the game for a wedding. Hopefully the box score will give me hope in the a.m.

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