Wednesday, April 27, 2005

4/27 - Braves 8, Mets 4

After pitching a good solid game in his last start on Friday night, this afternoon Tom Glavine reverted to the form Mets fans are accustomed to when he pitches against his old team the Braves. It got so bad that one of my co-workers wished that once again Glavine would get into a accident while riding in a back seat of a taxi and lose some more teeth.

If you think the Braves' pitching coach Leo Mazzone hasn't given the Braves hitters an insight into battering Glavine around, look at this stat I dug up: including today's debacle, Glavine is 1-7 with a 9.36 ERA in eight outings against them. Ouch.

Tomorrow is ostensibly a travel day, even though the Mets just have to take the quick shuttle down to Washington D.C for their first game at R.F.K Stadium against the Nationals Friday night. Zisk will be on hand for that first game (but I won't be taking a shuttle, just old unreliable Amtrak). Look for an expanded entry over the weekend about the Mets first game there, and an overview of the R.F.K. experience. (Of course, I might not be able to get to a computer. If so, it will wait until Monday, and I'll let Mike handle the day-to-day entries for this weekend.)

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